who ELSE HAS A problem WITH coming out?!

who ELSE HAS A problem WITH coming out?!


Trixi and a lollipop
I had compared myself to others. In doing so, I have found that I am quite feminine.
I wanted to come out and asked friends if they wanted to participate. Probably I did this wrong and put too much pressure on them.
They didn’t want to – that somehow made me melancholic again.
It was really about me not to be depressed anymore and to do what I wanted.
At that time, my mother was seriously ill. Nevertheless, I told her that I would like to put on women’s clothes.
Because my psychologist at the time said: “It’s only because of the culture that you are depressed when you actually want to get out.”
True, my mother said ” Stop!”but somehow I haven’t dared yet.
My sister accuses me today of having said exactly then that I want to put on women’s clothes when my mother was sick.
But my mother was often ill and there was no telling when she would ever be completely healthy again and whether she would ever be.
When’s the right time to come out, huh?
You have to decide for yourself.
    • Years passed.
    • Now I express myself sexually.
    • Society – the people around me-usually takes it easy. Often I am even praised for my courage. I am also told that I like the” new style”.

But my mum thinks she has a bone to pick with me.

But, you know, I like bones.

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